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Słowiańska 25

Our partner Gemma Inwestycje is constructing Aleja Słowiańska 25 apartments. The investment involves the construction of 35 apartments, including 20 residential apartments and 15 commercial premises. Therefore, it is an excellent investment for entrepreneurs thinking about opening their own business or expanding their business with another branch, including a private apartment close to their own. “LIVE & WORK” is a harmonious marriage of functions in the form of an offer for business and the best architectural trends with the greenery of the Keller Park providing a place for relaxation or practicing sports.

The building has surfaces finished with structural concrete with all-wall glazing. We are glad that we will be able to offer the customers of this unique investment unique and timeless interiors, giving the effect of effortless, dignified beauty. At DECORPROJECT, we create interiors with care for their functionality and the comfort of our customers who will live in them. We use solutions that allow you to care for ecology and we focus on natural, top-quality materials. We deal with comprehensive arrangements of both apartments and boutique service premises in the Premium segment.