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How to choose a wooden floor?

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Large-size, wide and long floors, finished and decorated on the surface. They are made as 3-layer and can be used on floor heating boards. it is possible to stabilize the surface layer with two lower layers. By choosing such a floor, you will enjoy a luxurious interior in the latest design and a natural product under your feet. An oiled floor has a characteristic, cool color and a raw character with noticeable grains. However, remember that they should be periodically renewed, protecting them with a new layer of oil. They require replacement when it is worn out. Floors of this class will emphasize the character of modern apartments in attractive, fashionable locations as well as houses and beautiful suburban villas built with the use of modern heating technologies.

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When choosing a solid floor, choose natural shades of wood and smaller plank sizes, such as parquet. The laying effect will undoubtedly be an ornament of such floors. A simple pattern will make the floor modern and minimalist, but the traditional fir pattern will be a classic, strong accent. French fir is a very sophisticated pattern, giving it lightness and a palace character. Of course, along with the wear of such a floor, we can renew it by sanding. Larger size of solid floors, especially in newly constructed buildings, will be difficult to maintain. Changes in humidity will cause wide stomata and even cracks. We also exclude the possibility of underfloor heating. So where will these floors work best? In classic tenement houses and modern lofts.

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We also have a choice of a product that is the icing on the cake - exclusive two-layer floors. These are timeless floors, both in the size of an effective, quite large parquet strip, up to a medium-sized board. Thanks to them, we can achieve the effect of both a solid floor and an effective one, enlarged with a simple or classic pattern of an elegant fir tree. These floors have a greater surface thickness than in the case of a 3-layer floor, which allows us to refresh such a floor through
scraping after prolonged use. We can also use modern heating with underfloor and trench heaters, with slightly more restrictive standards than for a 3-layer floor. We recommend this floor to customers who want to achieve a timeless effect with an innovative approach to the choice of real estate and heating methods.