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Gift for the 11th birthday – New We!

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of our activity, our company has gained a new look.

We would like to share with you the story of choosing our new branding. This is an important moment for us and focus on redefining our mission, vision and values ​​that we want to follow. A philosophy of style and at the same time paying attention to ecology. Minimalism is not only a design that is economical in expression, but also an approach to the proper storage of items that does not overwhelm us in the everyday savoring the comfort of a home hearth, but also a lower demand for new products, solutions, furniture, or constant renovation. Timeless, properly designed interiors should please us for many years. All this is included in our new website, but also in our new catalog of implementation.

The spelling of our name – DECORPROJECT – is more intuitive and easy to remember; emphasizes the bilingualism of our team not only the name, but also new materials fully adapted to work with customers who want to plan their interior using language English;

Two sides of the coin – modernity and experience.

Since 2009 – We want to emphasize our experience and show that we are the precursors of our industry. Years of working on creative projects and comprehensive turnkey projects is the result of our courage to proposing a new website, long before design offices became fashionable with the option of implementation. During this time, we have built a team of specialists and contractors high class.

Signet ring – a sign that distinguishes us and our taste; sign what We chose contains the first letters of the two words that make you up our names Decor and Project; however, it is enriched with interesting hatching and a symmetrical frame;

Logo variants – gold on a black background and white slogans, white on a black background and black on white; we also wanted to refer to classical style and art. deco and modern, light form; we wish reconcile different styles of our realizations with one visual form;

Colors – we show two sides of our brand – white, light and modern and black – classic and effective; gold as a delicate accent expresses subtle decorativeness; to enrich the colors and emphasize the elegant character, we chose a dark green color with a delicate sea shade deep – noble and refined;